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If you fancy seeing the band performing at a private party and really getting the crowd going, try following ths link or put it into your search engine. Just brilliant!!

Thanks for all your support - we couldn't do it without you.



Next Public Gigs...

Public gigs are currently suspended whilst our new drummer is selected and rehearsed up.


Breaking news!

It is with regret the band have to announce that our drummer (Ian), has decided it is time to hang up his sticks and retire from the band. Ian has been an integral part of The Angels' Share for a number of years and during that time has contributed to our development, driving both the live performances and the tracks on The Gathering with his skill on the skins.

As it appears no amount of bribery or pleading will change his mind, all of the band wish him well in the future and hope he might make the odd guest appearance now and again.
However, this news means that the hunt is on for a new drummer who can take up the seat behind the drums. To all of our fans, we would ask that if you know someone who might be interested, who would like to join the band as we continue our 17th year, who enjoys live gigging and can get to Northampton to attend rehearsals, then drop us a line via the website, our Facebook page or call Andy on 07837 336828.
As ever, we appreciate your support and assistance.
All the best
Manager - The Angels' Share




Formed in 1997, the Angels' Share perform what they describe as Celtic music that is guaranteed to get your hands clapping and your feet tapping. They have appeared at venues in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Milton Keynes, Leicestershire, the South Coast as well as playing in the Lake District and Scotland including the Western Highlands and Islands. Their tour of Scotland also included Glasgow, Edinburgh and Falkirk. They have appeared on BBC Radio on numerous occasions, playing live and talking about their music.

Most recently they have had successful appearances at the Port Isaac Festival, Cornwall with The Fishermens' Friends and at The Merry Tom Festival, Brixworth.

With an assortment of musical backgrounds from classical and opera to Rock 'n Roll, they are sufficiently different.

Gary A - Keyoards & Backing Vocals.

Ian A - Drums & Backing Vocals.

 Rob W - 6 String, Bass & Backing Vocals.


Richard J - Lead Vocals, Electric & Accoustic Guitars.

Mark O - Fiddle, Whistle and Backing Vocals.

Andy T - Manager, Nursemaid and Smoother of Egos.